Spiritual albums are designed to help the listener explore their spiritual side through listening to the gentle music. It shares the basic structure and sound of many contemporary instrumental records. The difference is the intent and marketing — while other contemporary instrumental albums may help the listener discover spirituality, spiritual albums are designed to do so.

Spiritual music embraces and promotes an attachment to religious values; either by following a specific, sometimes unconventional religion, or by taking a looser, all-inclusive approach. This tends towards the meditative and can involve ritual chants and ceremonies.

The spirituality of the music resides in its power and energy that allow the sound to manifest, in its inspiring quality, in its tension and movement. Music is the vibration, the creative act, the Aum, the most powerful energy in the Universe.



1. Grace and Gratitude – Olivia Newton John

2. Gathering – Brooke Medicine Eagle

3. Embrace – Deva Premale

4. Facing Future – IZ

5. Acoustic Soul – India Arie

6. Awake is the New Sleep – Ben Lee

7. Abonecronedrone – Sheila Chandra

8. Between Two Worlds – Daniel Paul

9. Desert Dance – R. Carlos Nakai

10. Sanctuary – Riley Lee


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